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ICS 4.0.3 For Samsung Galaxy S II

Still haven’t upgraded your Galaxy S2 to latest Android ICS firmware? Needless to say, Ice Cream Sandwich will offer a far more engaging user experience compared to Gingerbread, and I am quite sure that the legions of Galaxy S2 owners out there cannot wait for the Ice Cream Sandwich update to arrive Stateside.

Here is the download link and tutorial to update Galaxy S2 I9100 to Android 4.0.3 DXLP9 (singapore):

Required Downloads
– Download the ODIN file: Link
– Download the Android 4.0.3 DXLP9 firmware. (Note: Extract the file into Pc after download complete.)
Base Firmware: I9100DXLP9 (4.0.3)
Region Singapore
Carrier: Unbranded
Build Date: 20th April 2012
Modem: DXLP9
Change List: 431438

Before start
– I am not liable for any damages that could happen to your smartphone. Flash at your own risk. There is a possibility for your phone to get bricked and totally unusable.
– This firmware is only for Galaxy s2 with mode i9100 and NOT compatible to i9100G
– Create a backup of your phone’s important data to external storage.
– Battery power at least 80% full.
– If you do not have Samsung’s KIES 2.0 installed, download and install it. Correct USB drivers must be installed, so that programs can communicate with the device. Reboot computer after KIES installation.

Step 1: Set your phones into USB debugging mode: Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging.
Step 2: Turn your phones into download mode by  pressing and holding VolumeDown + Home + Power simultaneously.
Step 3: Start ODIN on PC.
Step 4: Connect the device to your computer using USB.
Step 5: Wait a few seconds, the ODIN screen will show that a device is now connected
– Make sure that in ODIN nothing is checked, except the “Auto reboot” and “F. Reset Time” checkboxes.
Step 6: Press the “PDA” button, and select the “*.tar” file.
Step 7: Press “Start”. ODIN will now the firmware, and the device should reboot after flash complete.

Now you have ICS 4.0.3 in your Samsung Galaxy S II!

Change The Boot Screen Of Your Android Device!

If your device is already rooted, then wouldn’t be nice to change your boring bootscreen to something more awesome? What is a bootscreen, you ask? It’s that animation that plays when you turn on your phone. Changing the bootscreen is easy as 1-2-3! But first, you’ll be needing a file explorer that supports root functions like Root Explorer, ES File Manager, and SU File Manager.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by the following procedure.

I’ll be using my Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 for the purpose of this tutorial,which has the Cyanogen Mod 9 installed in it, so the location of the file maybe different on your device.

You can download the through your phone using Opera browser. After downloading your, open file manager and navigate to where you saved your and copy it — on Opera, downloaded files are usually saved on /sdcard/download. After which, go back to root and mount /system to R/W — If you’re using Root Explorer, it’s located at the top –, then navigate to /system/media — you may want to rename the existing to bootanimation.bak for backup and safekeeping — and paste your new And you’re done! Reboot your phone and enjoy watching your new bootscreen!

Don’t know where to download boot animations? Use Google and search for Custom Boot Animations! But before downloading, do READ the description of the boot animation, it could either be intended for a specific device or it could be a flashable zip that can be installed through CWM.

Anyway, here’s my current bootscreen animation, Google Gears:

Credit goes to the creator of this bootscreen. Click the image to download the boot animation. Just follow the procedure above to apply it as your bootscreen. Enjoy!