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Anime Movie Review: Eureka SeveN: Pocket Full of Rainbows

I don’t watch anime films very often, but once in a while something will catch my attention. This time Eureka Seven: Pocket Full of Rainbows, which is of course the film adaptation to Bones’ much beloved anime series about sky-surfing mecha and teenage romance. I was looking forward to this movie given how enjoyable the Eureka Seven anime series was, but unfortunately Pocket Full of Rainbows turned out to be a disappointment.

Pocket Full of Rainbows features most of the Eureka Seven characters we know and love, but the events take place in a parallel universe and the story is entirely different. In this world, humans and aliens known as IMAGES are fighting for control of Earth. Eureka is an IMAGE in human form and she was raised together with Renton by the researchers who are trying to discover her secrets, but one day the military raided the research facility and took her away. Years later, Renton has joined the military and is serving as a LFO pilot on the Gekko. Renton and the Gecko successfully rescue Eureka from the compound she was held at in a mission to stop the IMAGES from taking Eureka. Unbeknownst to Renton and Eureka, the crew of the Gecko has an ulterior motive and wants the protagonists to bring them to Neverland, a world where people don’t age.

… Or at least that was what I think the story was, since I had no clue what was going on half the time. The story of Pocket Full of Rainbows was a meandering mess, filled mostly with long-winded and poor explanations of certain events interspersed with brief bursts of action and emotional moments. The connection between Eureka, IMAGES, and Neverland was never fully explained, and therefore it wasn’t clear what Holland and his gang really had in mind. The roles of Koda and Anemone are also puzzling, as both character received plenty of screen time while accomplishing little. Pocket Full of Rainbows went out of its way to tie in various details from the anime series, but none of the details amounted to anything. There was a lot of information being thrown around, but the film failed to bring them together into a satisfying conclusion, and thereby leaving the audience (or at least me) more confused than ever at the end.

Pocket Full of Rainbows brought back plenty of familiar faces from the anime series, but it didn’t bring back their personalities. Granted, it’s harder to develop a large cast of characters in a two-hour movie than a 50 episode anime series, but the film didn’t develop any of the characters. Forget the fact that Holland and his crew are portrayed as nothing more than a bunch of selfish bastards, Pocket Full of Rainbows’ most glaring fault is its portrayal of our protagonists. The Eureka Seven anime series, at its core, is a coming-of-age love story between Renton and Eureka, but this film version does not deliver on this central element. Part of the problem is with the story; the film starts with Renton and Eureka already knowing each other very well, so there is no bonding process between the two as in the anime series. The other part of the problem is the dialogue; the lines just seem so clichéd, with most of them being emotional outbursts or tearful realizations. The feeling of romance and teenage love was lacking throughout the whole film, and this is perhaps the most unforgivable failure among all of the other questionable aspects.

Needless to say, Pocket Full of Rainbows pales in comparison to the anime series that inspired it. One of the few things that didn’t go wrong in this film are the action sequences, which while entertaining, were in line with all the other missile and homing laser spam scenes from the anime series. And also little Renton and Eureka were pretty cute, but that’s about all the pros I could think of. Perhaps it was unrealistic to expect that Pocket Full of Rainbows would be as excellent as the anime series, but Pocket Full of Rainbows wasn’t even decent; it was mediocre at best. The story was confusing; the pacing was off; the characters were poorly developed, and they even messed up the Renton-Eureka romance. Basically, the film was a big letdown for me.


Anyways, those who want to see Eureka – Renton romance flaring again , only then I’ll recommend this movie to anyone.

Anime Review : Eureke SeveN

When I saw the first episode of this series 2 years ago, I immediately dismissed it. Every direction pointed to a standard shounen series. Pubescent male, check. Female love interest, check. Sudden huge unexplained outburst of power coming from main character, check. At that time, I saw absolutely no reason to continue this show.

Boy, was I wrong. Thank god I got curious when I had heard my friend Nafiz getting all frenzy over this, and managed to catch up with the series, and eventually it bacame one of my most favourite anime titles ! Yes, it remains a shounen series. But one heck of an incredibly well developed shounen series. The romance between the main character (Renton) and main female character (Eureka), which I initially gave no chance of success, turned out to be so well developed and fleshed out. This really is a must see for anyone with a bit of patience.

Basically, the series consists out of four parts. The first part is the most boring and misleading. It’s mostly meant to introduce the cast of characters, and covers about ten episodes. The second part suddenly starts introducing a huge lot of mentally disturbing scenes. Boy, that was a huge surprise. By the end of this part (episode 28) I really was hooked to this anime. The creators made perfect use of the fact that Renton was just an idiotic boy. He just keeps causing troubles to his surroundings, and Eureka as well, because of his naivety.

Then, starting from episode 29, the third part begins, and all of the disturbing scenes just stop, and the series enters a season-long intermezzo. It’s mostly meant in order to develop the different characters and flesh them out a bit, with the emphasis on Renton and Eureka, though it may be a pain to get through. Then, at episode 40 the series picks up pace again, and at episode 44, the fourth part of the anime begins, attempting to finish the anime. The fourth part turns amazing again. It fully utilizes the basis that the third part set, and delivers six episodes of pure awesomeness. These episodes were so incredibly sad at times. Unfortunately, the creators had set their mind on an epic ending, which threw this anime into the pit of predictability again, unfortunately.

The second and fourth part make this anime incredibly worthwhile, in their own way. The second part focuses on conflicts, while the fourth part focuses on trust and faith. Emotions skyrocket during the many climaxes and confrontations. Unfortunately, the fact remains that the first and third arc are rather essential for this anime, even though they remain boring. At times, Renton also acts like an annoying brat for comic relief, that wasn’t really exciting to see.

The story of this anime, indeed, is one huge adventure. But what else can you expect with a fifty-episode anime? The story focuses around an interesting world, created by the creators of this anime. The plot is very complex and multi-layered, and this anime does a fine job introducing the different elements. Still, there are a few unanswered plot holes left at the end of the episode. Our main character’s sudden outburst of power never really gets a decent explanation.

Overall, this anime has great characters. During the right parts, they really shine like no other. If you’ve got enough time for a 50-episode series, I’m definitely recommending this.

Ps. Recently I have downloaded a movie titled ” Eureka SeveN : Pocket Full of Rainbows ” . I have heard that it doesn’t follow the series’ storyline but I am still eager to see what has happened to the Eureka – Renton couple !

Anime Movie Review : The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

I had watched this anime movie a year ago and I still can recall the scenes like I have seen them just now !
It’s the first anime movie I fell in love with and watched it for about 30 times . The story and the main character was so appealing
to me that I couldn’t have enough of them !

” Sci-fi , romance and school life “, this type of anime movies aren’t that much hard to find, honestly
speaking , there are plenty . But what sets ‘ The Girl Who Leapt Through Time ‘ apart from the other anime movies ?
Why does it get so much high rating even though the main protagonist is a teenage girl ?

The answer to those questions will be the excellent storyline , awesomely pleasing background musics and last of
all , but not least , the mesmerizing drawing of the characters’ which make the movie such an amazing feat !

Let’s get on with the storyline –

The main character , Makoto Konno is a high school teenage girl , who likes to be loud ( Oh man, the way she starts crying at times ! ),
likes to play baseball ( at which , she is VERY pathetic ) with her two best male friends Chiaki and Kosuke , is very pudding footed and is crazy about
puddings !

The movie starts with her playing baseball with Chiaki Mamiya and Kosuke Tsuda till an alarm clock out of no where falls on her head .
Apparently Makoto was dreaming and her younger sister has smacked the alarm clock at her face as Makoto is in danger of being late for school … as usual! !
Not the start of a day anyone would want !

And this is just the start .

She manages , somehow , to get into class in time . But it isn’t going to get any better as she discovers that the teacher has a surprise class test for them in store .
A surprise , which she is NEVER ready for !
And it went on . . .
She gets hit by a human truck , sets fire in cooking class and gets showered with fire extinguisher , receives bottom marks in the test and also the class cleaning duty is hers today .
As she enters the science room to leave everyone’s practical books , she sees that someone had written ” time waits for no one ” , to her disgust, in English , on the blackboard with
question marks after it.

Then she hears a smashing noise in the lab room , making her to check on it .
She finds no one but gets the feeling that someone is watching her . As she suddenly sees a ghostly shadow forming in the flask she accidentally , so like Makoto-ishly , trips over and
lands on a strange looking nut with her elbow .

Immediately after that she gets sucked into some kind of time whirl . Falling to an endless depth , as she stares at all those scenes morphing around her . From primate ages to current time
and to the unknown future . . . and then it stops which leads her actually falling on the floor with a pile of books following her lead .

Thinking all she saw was just hallucination and someone ( she doubted Chiaki ) had pushed her , she grudgingly skips baseball and decides to go to her aunt Maho to deliver the lemons her mother had asked her to….
only to hit a lady with her cycle , breaks her brake in the process and hits the level crossing making her take a flightss and lands just in front of the speeding train , gets hit . . . . and dies !

But fortunately , her unfortunate day wasn’t that unfortunate . As she frantically argues with herself and not wanting to admit that this is the end to her life , while getting hit by th train ,
she makes her first ever time leap , unknowingly and instinctively to protect herself .

Next moment she finds herself lying beside the woman she had hit earlier and sees the train pass .

It took her a while to figure out , in the middle of the horrible experience of dying , that she can , for some unknown reason ( not that she cares for not knowing the reason ) , travel through
time !

And so Makoto’s everyday life meets a significant change . She no longer is late for school . She gets top marks in every test ( oh sweet ! ) , do karaoke as long
as she wants , never misses a hit in baseball and making Chiaki go mad , can save pocket moneys and eat as much as pudding she desires .

Hardly , life is anything but all of those !

As the summer of love starts affecting her , well not her at first , but her friends .
Chiaki proposes her , which she tries to avoid by leaping through time loads of time , being unable to , understand what she wants and , say NO .
So she starts avoiding Chiaki While she still can’t decide her feelings for him , resulting him to fall in love with her best female friend and Makoto can’t bring herself to leap
through time to change things . She also finds strange marks around her elbow, with which she had hit the strange nut . She manages to figure out what it was, her time leaping limits. It reads 68.

Heart broken and too let down , she finds herself being accused for being in way of Kaho ( a junior ) , who nursess a soft spot for Kosuke .
And Makoto doesn’t like to be in the way of ANYONE and so she decides that she will make things happen between Kaho and Kosuke .

She tries and tries again and fails all too Makoto-ishly , making her more determined and at last , she succeeds by intentionally doing everything horribly wrong in that fortunate Unfortunate Day . And she also , now has only one more chance of time leaping ,
about which she isn’t concerned anymore . Kosuke and Kaho seems to be getting started thanks to her efforts , she can now also reply properly to Chiaki . . . everything seemed alright , to her at least .

But how wrong she could be !

After experiencing death on that very day , she hadn’t brought her cycle in the next few days . But as she has leapt through the time to go back to THAT day , she also has her cycle with her now .

She doesn’t remember that and so , out of last few days’ ( or upcoming few days’ ! ) habit , she goes to aunt Maho walking . And she gets reminded of her flaw when she receives a voice message from Kosuke
telling her that he was borrowing her cycle to get Kaho , who had sprinkled her ankle, to the hospital .

Makoto , panic stricken, races towards that level crossing point , prepared to use up her last time leaping chance , sees the train of 1600 hours pass without making any accident . Surely , nothing can go wrong anymore !
Relieved , she turns to leave and gets a call from Chiaki , who asks her if she had ever leapt through time .

Too thundered and scared to answer , she usues up her last time leaping and when Chiaki calls and starts asking her a question , she tries to ignore it the way she used to ignore his date request .
To Makoto’s relief , frustrated and angry Chiaki hangs up .

And her world starts falling apart .

In consequence of her last time leaping , she finds herself in the alternative time line , where the 1600 hours’ train hasn’t passed yet and Makoto sees Kosuke and Kaho riding her bike , and heading for the horror
which Makoto was dreading a few moments ago . Her mind numb with sheer anxity and the chill of losing her freind , she goes after them . Watching Kosuke losing grip over the cycle , and hit the level cross .
Makoto , in despair , closes her eyes and lets out a shriek fearing the fate her friend will be facing in moments . She can’t leap anymore , she can’t save her friends anymore and she feels it is all her fault.
And the train races past her.

But . . . . . .

Now , I won’t break the needle here . What happens next is what you will have to find yourself.

Believe me when I say that THIS isn’t the end . Makoto’s feelings get tested later once again , and we are left with her waiting for someone she knows ….. in the coming future !

The movie is excellently made with the exact placement and volume of the background musics . The story itself feels appealing as you find yourself more and more growing attached towards Makoto and her reckless thoughts and actions ,
her feelings and her world . The music makes you grow fond of her , though spoiled she may seem , faster .

And also , the graphics is something to look for . It’s amazingly colorful and detailed , like now – a – day’s animes , but still different in a way .

I think I am getting a bit biased now .

But you will feel the same too when you have watched this and I am ready to bet my newly bought 19″ DELL monitor .

The scenes where she first gets used to time leaping , will also get you excited seeing Makoto’s enthusiasm .
When she starts eating like a monster , you are bound to think ” this girl can eat ! ” .
As she laughs , like an ugly witch , after cheating her way to the test and in baseball via leaping , a smirk will cross your face without you even noticing it
And when she gets hurt by Chiaki , twice I should say , and starts crying like a six months old baby , you can’t help but feel sorry for that poor girl .

Yes , you will start wishing that she was your friend as she feels so real .

The other characters , Chiaki and Kosuke , also get their chances to set their marks in the movie .

But the title is The GIRL Who Leapt Through Time !

So, everything here is about Makoto .

And in every way , she leaps on to you ! I mean , it’s good to have an anime sci-fi movie where the main character doesn’t posses too uber kewl powers and is way too smart for everything !

Perhaps the only flaw I find in the film ( WARNING : SPOILER ) is the part when Chiaki is telling Makoto about himself. He just says everything through exposition and it becomes boring with all the new information being just told through words. This greatly reduced the cinematic feel of learning something new.

This simple yet meaningful film is suitable for viewers of all ages. Unlike most science fiction story with a pinch of realism, this movie is the opposite – a realistic story with a pinch of science fiction.

With a nice pace and moving forward storyline, this masterpiece deserves a 4 out of 5 stars.

Anime Review : True Tears

true tears - 01 - laLove triangles and myself don’t have the best relationship. They’re often predictable, usually get nowhere and really like to distract from the main point of a series. True Tears shows that things can be done differently, though. This series has really been built around a love-triangle, and somehow, it’s managed to avoid the pitfalls that has caused the demise of so many series.

The key is good scriptwriting. The series is originally based upon a visual novel, though the creators made the smart decision to just ignore the storyline and come up with their own. True Tears is a slow series, but because it’s slow, it’s able to really dive into the minds of its characters. The result delivers, because the characters in this series are deep.

This is one of these series where the characters and their intentions can’t be easily described in one sentence. A major theme of this series is sorting out your own feelings, and feelings like that aren’t that simple to describe. Shinichiro, our main male lead also keeps hopping from one girl to the other, making the viewer wonder about who he’ll end up choosing until the final episode. The side-characters also for once aren’t stereotypes. The best friend has an actual personality and his own problems, the main character’s father and mother play a big role in the series as well. There’s just one character whose role remains ambiguous throughout the series: Aiko. I’m still not sure what her purpose actually was.

The visuals are another reason to check out this series, because they look absolutely gorgeous. A lot of attention has been put in the animation, and you can see that this series has received a big budget to work with. Even though there are definitely better series, True Tears remains a worthy series of your time.