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Towards light?

Life hasn’t been easy on me. Past two months went like a hurricane with dreams and nightmares here and there. But mostly work related. So I was looking forward to the vacation I was planning from 16th.
And I bumped into her. My shadow from the past.
Let me explain, as I live around her area now, most of the time I try to pass her university area as fast as I can. But with all those traffic it’s hard to not get a good look around. But that day I went there to meet a guy named sameer to deliver some photos.
I felt my knees shake and breathing became heavy. I had to endure this.
It seemed wherever I was asked to wait she was there too. I have her the impression of a stalker and I was for some unknown reason, smirking. Enough to creep myself too.

Once I returned home, I wondered, how I will cope with seeing her with another guy. I don’t know. I found out that she has a deep bond with a guy named Rounaq Kabir. I know that name but forgot the details. Finally memories related to her are fading!

A relief?
Anyways, I need to get myself outta this country, fast.

The Mark

Of dreams and reality

why do we tread on lines?
so that we can be a better judge between right and wrong?
or just because we like to cross the lines sketched by others?
not sure, never sure — at Hotel Peninsula.

The words are gone, feelings are lost. Everything that was there, has ended.

The end is here.

So stop hanging around. Move on.There is nothing here anymore. You should move on. Please do move on.
I want it to end. End these never ending nights. Long sleepless painful nights. I am in grief. I want bliss.
Leave a mark, a mark of your existence, a mark that says you were real. Leave a mark if you can. Just to prove you were here. You have to leave a mark. Please leave a mark.

You want it to end. I know you want to end these never ending nights. Long sleepless painful nights. You are in grief. You want bliss.
Leave all your emptiness in this mark. Leave all your griefs, sorrows and pains here. Leave your love here.
Please leave all your emptiness in this mark. Please l

eave all your griefs, sorrows and pains here.

Please, I beg you, leave your love here.
If this mark bears everything that you had, everything that you regret, and everything that you want to forget, you will be happy. You have to be happy. Please be happy.

And I will protect this mark. I have to protect this mark. Please let me protect this mark.

Because the mark is me.

Please let it be me.

Faces Without Facebook



Some friends are always there to hit you with memories from childhood,school and college, life that one has left behind. They look at you, call you by some horrendous names which used to make you frown in some distant past, now brings smiles on your face. While with them, you feel like you are young again, back with your soul again.

Our very own Ripon, the friend who always led us, guided us (right or wrong, we never cared!) and still strengthens our bonds with priceless and unquenchable love and friendship. A strong representative of RNS group!

N.B. Met up with old friends, who always try to pull me out of bad buzzes and darkness. You people ease this unimaginable pain I am going through so much!

Self Musings 4,5

চোর Photographer
“Pretending not to miss someone tricks the mind into missing that person even more.”
You are reading this and I knew you would. That’s why I specifically wrote this for you. You know that it is YOU I am talking to.
You think that I turned your world upside down and siphoned out all your happiness. But remember, mine had been turned upside down long before the 25th. And it is still upside down. Still the image of me walks on the surface and you know I am good at tempering with my images. I promised you many things and the most vital was one thing…. it IS still the vital thing. If you were true to your heart we will meet on another 25th

Memory Rain

ভাঙ্গবে যখন ঘুম,
নিকষ আঁধার রাতে,
মনে পরবে আমার স্মৃতি
চাইবে আমায় আপন করে
যখন থাকবো আমি স্পর্শের বাহিরে
নিকষ আঁধার রাতে,
মনে করে আমাদের স্মৃতি
জেনে রেখো এই আমি
মুছেছি দুই চোখ এই ভেবে
নিকষ আঁধার রাতে,
কাঁদবে তুমি যে আমায় চেয়ে
যখন আমি স্পর্শের বাহিরে

Self Musings 3


Accidents happen, leaving cuts,bruises or broken wrists. They fade away,mended, leaving a scar, which we forget about.
But what happens to things that can not be attended to? Can not be mended?Pumping twisted and poisoned,red liquids through out my body?
Heal it? Replace it? Take it out?