The Dawn

This is written for you, and you only. So don’t panic!
There were times when I had lost hopes of meeting both sides of my life- or make any meaning out of my life. I couldn’t accept anyone or wasn’t willing to let anyone in.
But little I knew, that what I had felt ages, seven years to be precise, ago would let me live, again.

I have gone through various things in the past seven years- there were times that I just want to forget and times that I hold close to my heart. But all of them, summed up to this- you!

No one understands what the Almighty has in store for us, but I will take this as a sign. I have put my faith on Him and so, on you too. The lessons that I have learnt, hopefully made me a better person. Worthy of you I hope, at least.

So thank you, for letting me open the door. Thank you, for being the one who I had hoped will be the one.
Thank you.


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