Towards light?

Life hasn’t been easy on me. Past two months went like a hurricane with dreams and nightmares here and there. But mostly work related. So I was looking forward to the vacation I was planning from 16th.
And I bumped into her. My shadow from the past.
Let me explain, as I live around her area now, most of the time I try to pass her university area as fast as I can. But with all those traffic it’s hard to not get a good look around. But that day I went there to meet a guy named sameer to deliver some photos.
I felt my knees shake and breathing became heavy. I had to endure this.
It seemed wherever I was asked to wait she was there too. I have her the impression of a stalker and I was for some unknown reason, smirking. Enough to creep myself too.

Once I returned home, I wondered, how I will cope with seeing her with another guy. I don’t know. I found out that she has a deep bond with a guy named Rounaq Kabir. I know that name but forgot the details. Finally memories related to her are fading!

A relief?
Anyways, I need to get myself outta this country, fast.


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