And When You Can’t Decide

Nice stars, eh?

Nice stars, eh?

Been a while since i wrote something.

I am better now. That is why i think less, or hardly get to think. With all the works I am keeping myself occupied with, i barely get free time.

But today I have some.

That alcohol got me. No, not today, but some days ago. Long story.

And I am quitting smoking.

The future that I see now, not clearly, but just the outlines, is somewhat like this-

a. Me getting into a job. Actual job.

b. Rediscovering myself. Me without anything.

c. Getting married by December 2014.

The last one isn’t a joke. My parents and sister decided this. They think it is the best for me and I can’t question it. Until now they have always wanted the best for me.

I smirk at the very thought of getting married. Me, married in less than a year time.

Sounds adventurous.

I just hope that I won’t end up divorcing that girl within a month.

Or a week.

Maybe within a day or two.


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