Worlds apart

“I wander aimlessly
the ruins of my life
my old self a stranger to me”
there was a time
a time when i could see light
amongst the darkest of places
i never knew how to admire the light
now loosing it
who knew would leave me blind!

Remember how I was your whole world before you started university? At first I was still your world,but a change was definite, you embraced the change and got yourself a new world. A world which scared the hell Outta me when I saw that I dint have the space I used to have. I saw you being uneasy at my presence in that world,I felt like I was infiltrating a world,where I wasn’t welcome. You dint give me enough chance to adapt neither did I, to make you feel secured in the new world with me. All these insecurity,secrets,deep regrets and hastiness led me to nothingness. You are there,in your very own new colorful world. One day,you’ll miss darkness. one day..

That’s your world,what about my world? I stepped into a new world and right after that we got together. There are many things here that would attract any guy- a dream life some would say. No boundaries,no rules,unlimited fun,timeless game playing,routine less football,cricket and sleeping. All that a guy can ask for. But I shoved those aside, made room for you,made a lot of room for you. My world was just you and photography. Just these two. Where one inspired other. Now with you gone, the other element crashed and is now burning. I watch silently as my world burns to ashes then to dust. Do I want to have a new world? No, I prefer this down and dusted world you have left me in. Darkness will be my fellow. Light is what I crave for, a light, I won’t get


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