The Beauty and the Beast and a Sewed Heart

The Lost Beauty

The Lost Beauty

*Roughly written. Will work on it and clean the mess up. Will be a continuation if requested!

I met her, accidentally, on an another girls profile. She had the same name as a girl i knew and thought it was her. That is how I met her, on Facebook, accidentally.
We became friends, really good friends. She shared a lot of things with me and I would keep my protective watch upon her. She was a bit stupid in nature. Or was it just acting? I don’t know till this date.

She became someone I was very fond of, like an younger sister and she respected me like an elder brother.

Time flew, we passed one year and I suddenly started feeling something different about her. A conference call with her and her some punk assed male friends triggered this. I felt jealous. And I was lost about what to do about it.

I proposed, and she was not sure what to do about it. She usually started avoiding anyone who proposed her but she couldn’t avoid me. Because she liked me. And that like turned in to acceptance and later love.

Our first few months were what it always is- romance everywhere. I couldn’t pass a minute without talking to her. She was the same. She bonded with me tighter than anything and became possessive. I liked it and it also increased my protectiveness about her.

She couldn’t stand it if any girl talked with me fondly or just smiled at me. I knew it was crazy but I loved her craziness. I started doing the same to her. I thought she liked it too.

She got enrolled in undergrad in 2012. She started to change,drastically. Before starting university she said she would never add any male friends on facebook. As I was in a all male university, I didn’t have to say things like this but I told her that as she was gonna attend a co-ed university, she will have to get along with guys, and I don’t mind it as long as it had a certain boundary.

Sewed Beast

Sewed Beast

She changed, before my eyes, and I couldn’t do anything.

We fought, fought like animals. I was desperate to hold on to her. And that she did not like. She felt being choked and became arrogant. I left her. Right after her birthday.

I waited for her to call me and fight with me again to get me back. She didn’t.

I waited a month.

And this one month was the darkest times of my life.
I did drugs, went crazy, threw away things, broke my hand twice. Everything to forget the pain I was in.

After 1 month, I tried to contact her. She won’t. Because before leaving I had sent her parents and accidentally to her uncle a text message full of lies and craps about her.
She did that too, with my parents and sisters, in our two years long relationship, she did that countless times and yet I was never as hell bent as her to end things.

I met her parents, she talked to me and we were back together, after 37 days.

I was delicate with her, said yes to her every single requests and arrogant wishes. Still she was restless. She was always complaining that I wasn’t treating her the way I used to.
I was lost.
Then she said to me, a guy had proposed her and I found meaning to all her restlessness. I tried to not make a fuss out of this. Asked her for details and she wasn’t ready to share it. I snapped and stopped sharing my life with her.

She went rogue. Sent ugly texts to some senior friends of mine. I din’t know it because my friends knew that if I heard about it, I will go berserk and hurt her. My friends knew how much I hated hurting her.
But someone slipped and I went berserk.
I screamed like an animal while she asked me for forgiveness. I wanted revenge. Hacked into her FB account. She wasn’t friends with me on FB and so her intimate photos with male classmates added sting to my anger. I went out of control.

Rest shall not be said.
Last thing, the animal still loves her like an animal, chained and labeled as mentally unstable, but still loves her. But why would she love an animal?


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