Memory Downpour

I love rain. For what I know people of Bangladesh no matter of which social class they ate from love rain!

Why shouldn’t we? It brings out so many emotions, these heavy downpours. It has inspired romance and creativity throughout our history. Its presence in literature is immense!

Last night I got stuck in rain at Uttara after a meeting with Mahran bhai which took some time to finish. Also ran into my friend Sauud who was returning to IUT too. As we were stuck we decided to have dinner there and hired a cab to get our asses back in red heaven.

I am always fascinated by rain photos and the splashes it creates on the windows. I couldn’t stop noticing it when we were stuck in the jam. The galaxy s II’s camera came in handy!


Kinda love it!
With the rainy season here I think I will get more shots with my DSLR too!
Some more photos







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