Untagging Yourself From..


Basically people live in this thing.

And why do they live in it? The one who are living it will most likely say “connecting with friends, checkout what friends are up to, hangout with friends….” everything relayed to friends and family.

But shouldn’t these be done in real life rather than in those LED PC/Mac screens or tiny little smartphone screens? A question that kept nagging me and eventually lead me outta Facebook.
No I am not a Facebook hater. I was one of its earliest user here on the subcontinent. I remember signing up for Facebook back in May 2007 and after 5 years of facebooking and watching it become the world’s biggest thing with 800 million users, I decided to delete my Facebook after a series of events and the realization resulting from those.

Why people keep using Facebook?

I can answer it now better than the ones using it currently. We use it to keep our tabs on family, close friends, friends, coworkers, loose friends , new friends, “boy/girl I would like to hook up with” friends, “people I want to become” friends and the list goes on and on with all those “friends”.

Think carefully, apart from the first 3 friends do we need to give a damn about those other “friends”? Didn’t we have these friends even when we didn’t have Facebook? So why use Facebook?

The answer is simple – Facebook is a legal way of stalking!

Yes you have heard me right. No matter how cleansed you think you are, know this – you are not.
You can totally check out on all the friends with whom you haven’t had a face to face conversation for ages….or ever! And you can do that without getting into any trouble and other people knowing about it!

Don’t frown at me thinking you aren’t a stalker. Think and you will remember at least one instance.
Okay can’t find any? You are a goody two shoes? Fine, then why do you have tennis in your personal interest where people around you can swear on their life that they have never seen you watching, let alone playing tennis?

We. Like. To. Create. Our. Identity.

Yes you read it right. We can add up anything we have ever wanted to be in our Facebook profile. Pretend that we have done it where you had just dreams, or at times just thought of it, or even worse – just now figured it out to be cool! And in a swirl of motion you hurriedly add it up in your Facebook and let others know about it!

“No, you are wrong. Only retards like you do this” probably these are the thoughts in your head right now. Believe me or not,you have one such interest too in your profile. If you don’t, you have something mentioned previously! Irony, right?

Lets face it. How many times do you log in to facebook to check news feed and update your status? Both of them won’t be high at the same time. Cause there are people who are a bit shy on showing off and just like to keep themselves updated about what others are doing,basically stalking. And the others are just posting random status updates every few minutes, showing off. And doing both proportionately? Addict.

My friends disagree with me completely. They tell me that I am missing out “so much” in my life! They have also gone to the extent of saying “will you stop eating healthy food because everyone is eating it too? Then why not use something that 800 million people are using?”

I smirk and also feel aghast at the thought of facebook being compared to foods. Is it really of that much importance? Food and facebook? They have a similarity – both start with “f” and then what? Oh, yes excessive of those two will definitely get you fat- another “f” !

I am currently trying to look beyond having a facebook and what I have noticed so far is all good, not a single thing that will make me regret not having a facebook!
Sure I have to catch up with hot gossips/campus news when I hear my friends talking about it. Not much of a hassle for asking them about it. I might be the only one not aware of my batch mate’s latest hawt girlfriend but if they make it till the end I will know her, right? It matters only then.

Yes, I do feel like I am the only child left alone in the school who doesn’t have a TV while his friends roll themselves out with catchy phrases from family guy. But hey! If I hadn’t deleted my facebook account I would have been gawping at the blue-white facebook news feed rather than writing this blog!

It will hit you too when you shake off the boredom of not having a facebook account to tire your eye by looking at screen. You will spend less time using PC, you will watch TV or have conversation, real life conversation with your friends and family and also what you used to do in your leisure time earlier- your hobbies!

Remember the days before 2007? If you remember correctly Hi5, Myspace or all those chat groups had a limit and you had to hangout with your friends to be connected with them or play some cricket/football to really mean it. Facebook changed it all!

I had a profile and a fan page for my photography in facebook. Both are down but the fan page still shows up somehow. I don’t really care. I use flipboard to get all the latest news and cool articles in my android. I use twitter and Google+ if I want to share my blogs or photographs publicly, I have a Path account through which I connect to only few friends who are abroad and I interact with them. Sure the number of applications I have to use has increased but so has my activities.

I don’t want to live a life where anyone can fake anything for you bu just typing few words in your status update without really caring about you, I don’t want happiness from all those “Likes” in my photos which not all of them have viewed. I believe in a more practical life where “connections” are translated as “bond” and where friendship is not measured by the wall post counts.


One thought on “Untagging Yourself From..

  1. maha m pervez

    the comparing of ‘facebook’ with ‘food’ is SO ‘f’ ridiculous 😉 i was watching on tlc the other day about social networks and the focus was on facebook (obviously) and there the experts explained how we human beings are designed to interact with 150 people (at max).. interact as in on a personal level.. anything beyond that is impossible so here your point about us being connected to only 3 people makes complete sense.

    i’d be lying if i said facebook hasn’t been useful at all coz i am in touch with many of childhood friends and family members whom i’ve never met before or might not even meet.. but after a while facebook can get boring.. there’s SO i can get done and if nothing else i can spend SO much of actual time with my friends and my family when i am not glued to facebook!

    as always enjoyed this piece as well! i started writing towards the end of last year once it’s a li’l sorted out i’ll share my pieces with you!


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