Ultra Wide Hearts!

Yesterday, after one and half years of yearning and sighing and lots of money saving, I got my hands on a shiny Tokina 11-16 mm f2.8 ATX 116!

I knew this was a lens I had to have in my possession and it cost me a lot. But I am happy that at last I got my dream lens which suits my style of photography! You may wonder why a APS-C sensor only lens, but I have decided that I will never ditch my precious Nikon D90 and neither the Tokina!

I wanted to test the lens today and I had already marked some points weeks ago to test my tokina in those areas. I sought after the low before sunset afternoon light which I knew would suit those places best.
First, I went in to a storage room, where I had seen two children playing few days earlier while passing by. There I met Harun and Niloy. They are cousins and that storage room was Niloy’s fathers. They were told to look after the place while Niloy’s father had gone somewhere.

When I told them I would like to take some photos they wanted both individual and a group shot.

They happily showed me their prized possessions- Niloy had a plastic made Cocacola ball and Harun had a plastic made Goose!


I moved on to the next spot, where I had seen some people work on waste papers. It turned out that they collected all the packaging boxes made of hard papers and sent them to Dhaka for recycling. As it was almost 5pm, I found only one person tidying up the place, Shamim.

Shamim, when was asked for permission to take photos, was hesitant. But eventually I mangaed to make him agree with my smiles! He had been working there for now 3 years and is not married yet. He saw me sweating in that damp room, offered me to cool it off and tried to buy me cold drinks. I realized again that we the Bangladeshis may be poor, but we have a heart that makes other respect us.

I request fellow photographers to show the world our hard working side, our stories of endless fight with life while winning it, not some image which will get sympathy from others. You may think you are doing good to them but who said they asked for sympathy? Rather they long for your normal self where you respect each and every human for what they are!

I promised all of them to give printed copy of their photos! That will be in the blog too!


PS. Click on the images to see them in larger size!


Gears: Nikon D90, Tokina 11-16 mm f2.8 ATX 116
Location: Mymensingh, Bangladesh


One thought on “Ultra Wide Hearts!

  1. Ahmed Sharif

    its a pity that I hadn’t seen this blog post before!
    I love your end words…. after all, thats all what we should look for…. other things should just fall into place… going somewhere to get some photos made is half the work, actually… and most annoyingly, we forget the other (arguably more important) half…. great to see you working on that neglected part and sharing your experiences at the same time….
    plz keep up the good work! 🙂


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