The death kiss

She was there, standing a feet away from me, just enough to be out of my grasping hand. She was mad. VERY mad at me. And she was yelling at me. For some reason I couldn’t make out what she was yelling at me. Her voice strangely seemed coming from the another side of a tunnel. I frowned in concentration. But still couldn’t manage to make a single word out of it. Maybe it was the noise around us, the ever buzzing street, which was making it impossible to understand her words.
I wondered why she was yelling at me. I couldn’t remember. I tried to remember and like always concentrated on her long black hairs. Her hairs always seemed to fascinate me. Maybe it was because it’s she. No, not maybe. Must be her. I could stare at her hairs and get lost in aimless thoughts. This had been ever since I had first met her. That day jumped in front of my eyes. There she was. In her sun shades and her long, to her wild, hair slashing the air as I stood rooted to my place watching her in awe.
I felt something on my cheeks. Some also splattered onto my lips. This time I knew what it was from the taste of it. I had tasted it the second time we had met. We were in my room and she was on my lap. We were fiercely kissing each other. Then, among the burning sensation that was running from my lips to through my body, I tasted this. Or her. I looked up. Was she spitting on me? She seemed to have noticed that I was staring at her hair rather then hear out what she was yelling at me. She always went berserk if she caught me doing something else- like staring at her hair, while she was talking. She felt that she wasn’t being given the importance. I had tried to reason with her, telling her that I did listen to her but was just staring at something else. This seemed to irritate her more.
I tried to apologize to her. But I found it hard to move my lips apart. Weird feeling. Something was wrong. But I was missing it. I looked up at her again. She was trying to burn me with her gaze! Gosh. I should concentrate.
But with everything going on wrong there seemed a little chance of me understanding what she was yelling at me. I still hadn’t figured out why she was yelling at me. Maybe it was because everything was going wrong? I remember the last time we had met. It was like this. I couldn’t find any transport for her as my car was on repairing and her was with her mother. That day was vaguely same. I couldn’t remember what was going on and what I should do. But plus side was that she wasn’t yelling at me. She was rather worried about me.
Then it dawned to me. She was screaming at me because she had seen some weird red marks on my t-shirt. I could not her what it was as I didn’t know either. She was telling me that it was the mark of a girl’s lip gloss. I thought it as a joke and had told her that I had dated another girl. So she was screaming because I joked with her? A smirk crossed across my face.
I heard an angry hiss and hastily tried to put my gaze back on her as I was staring at my feet. The smirk might have, rather already had crossed her temperament level. Man, this is going to be embarrassing. Everyone in the street will be staring at us. I tried to reach for her hand and go to some place less crowded. I didn’t want anyone else to see her mad face. I won’t be able to stand other seeing her dark sides. I hastened. I got hold of her hand and tried to steer her through the road to the other side. I was holding on too hard I thought. So I loosened my grip. And felt a push.
I was thrown off balance by her. Maybe she was feeling contaminated because of my touch and had wanted to break free. Or maybe she loathed me so much that she had pushed me to meet my destiny. I hadn’t realized it right then. But right on that moment, when I heard a screeching noise of brake fail and a thud resulting dorm the collision of my body with a car. I felt the burning sensation that I had felt while kissing her. I wondered why. I realized split second later that death had kissed me. Like always, a bit late to understand.


One thought on “The death kiss

  1. maha

    very well written.. love how the entire piece is interwoven so neatly that there’s no way of even skipping out a single word.. and love the title even more 😉 your works have inspired me to start writing up again! keep it up 🙂


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