A Testimonial I Had Written For Naser I Hossain on Flickr

“I have been practically staring at this ” Add a testimonial for NiH ” page for about fifteen minutes .

No , it is not because I can’t gather what I should write here , rather I was trying to figure out what I am about to miss while writing about him !

Anyways ,I’ll give it a try , I suppose . Me and my failed write-ups with pathetic writing skills ( sigh ) .

Naser Imran Hossain Bhai , aka Atunu Bhai , aka NiH bhai , is someone who you can honestly call a cool and collected dude .
He is amazing with his choice of words and also capable of making people like me , to Google out the meaning of words used by him ! This doesn’t make him a complex and hard-to-get narrator in a surprising way .Because the way he writes , and when someone reads it , that doesn’t seem hard to digest at all ! He can inject the feelings he wants to express into his reader , and that too , I believe , without even trying to !

Hail you , Ostaad ( Though you haven’t yet officially accepted me as your Shissho ! 😦 )

I think , you people ( including NiH bhai ) have already understood that I have got few nuts on the loose ! I am in flickr , supposed to write something about his photographing skill and here I am blabbing about something else !
That also defines how great he is though . . .

His photographing skill , eh?
I don’t think I am qualified to talk about HIS level of photographing skill .
Rather , it will be wise of me to tell you how I got into this world of clicking and sighing and clicking and smiling!
My nature never allows me too stick to one thing for too long . I was always found doing something – like collecting stamps / CDs / DVDs / Cards / stones……… leaving my studies and as results , getting grounded . Yep , a stupid kid I was . -_-

I had heard his name before my beloved math teacher , Sanat Kumar Pandit Sir , who was always ( to my utter dislike at that period ) raving about his all time favorite and talented student , Atunu bhai . I used to think ” Man ! Such a nerd ! ”
Then , Facebook came like a talk-of-the-town trend , and I had signed up and was searching for people from my vicinity . And found NiH bhai . Thinking , ” having a nerd or two in my friendlist won’t hurt me !”

I peeked into his profile , clicked on that photos link and was blown away !
For the first time , I had realized that photographing is also an art and something too cool ! The photos were colorful , BnW , loaded with long write-ups which at first , I didn’t care to read , awesome compositions , tricks , ideas and what not ! ” I gotta try this out ” , was the first line which came out from my mouth after watching his photo albums .
I grasped for the camera which I never really had tried to utilize before . Peeked through the viewfinder and started clicking .

And I still continue .
I bug him to check out my profile , bomber him with questions and put heavy loads on him with my reckless requests .

All this , without even meeting him in the real life for a long time .

So , what more can I say ?
He inspired a brat like me without knowing it . So much power he possesses in his photographs !

And his personality , those who are close to him say , a down-to-earth person with so much grief inside him . But he still keeps smiling and makes others smile .

I think I can’t type anymore . ’cause if I continue , you ( including NiH bhai ) will sue me thinking I am Teelafying him , :-S

All hail NiH bhai !


P.S. I DID NOT teelafy him !”

Link to the page : http://www.flickr.com/people/mybd/


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