Crematic-X : Ronangoner Daakticket Review

Marking their debut with “Doitota” in ROCK 202 album and later adding another notch of fans’ craze with radio release of “Ronangoner Daakticket “, Crematic – X was all set to cement their place in BD music industry with their debut album. Not making their fans to wait much, within a year of their first release, they blew us away with their largely anticipated debut album, “Ronangoner Daakticket”, under G-series’ banner.
The five young “ALL-BUETian” musicians, Ashique, Mishu, Prajna, Rifat and Sanjoy, indeed found themselves in a war against music piracy, and of which, I personally am absolutely sure, that they will be able to gain upper hand with the 11 songs they have produced.
Their songs bear marks of the journey they had started 4 years ago. Though it is considered as a short time, the band sounded as compact and professional as any other well established bands of Bangladesh.
The album engineered with 10 brand new tracks and one bonus track (Doitota) is an artistic exhibition of a band covering two genres- thrash metal and rock. Crematic- X not only made them their own genre, but also surpassed all other bands, who failed before trying to cover the dual style.
The album kicks off on a high note, with Mishu on vocals for “Chayamegher ontoraale”. This proved to be crucial. First impression is very vital, and with catchy guitar solo and soothing vocals from Mishu had done it! The part “Narannaaaナ.” will definitely make you sing along with it. Anyone is bound to get curious after this and go for the next tracks for more.
But yours truly got regularly blown away in amazement as he proceeded on with the album. The next track, “Nikosh Adhaar”, with soft intro and a nice vocal approach by Ashique, will catch listeners off guard as two amazing guitarist- Prajna and Rifat launched into an aggressive play of guitar play powered with Ashique’s chill-down-the-spine thrashing vocals. The song contains variations, showing the potential of the band members. The up and downs in the tunes were nicely arranged and a forget-me-not scream from the vocal, will make your blood rush. They manage to make you feel the cruelty they felt while making this song.
Up next was Prajna, with “Brishti”, a melodious track with again, an amazing intro. Prajna’s voice will surely make you take a dive into your past, and long for it. Ashique was amazing with the words as much as the keys.
“Orthohin Stobdhota”, one of my favorites, is a screamy display of Ashique’s capability as a prolific thrash metal vocal. Nice key tones mixed with gruesome guitar and bass, and a terrific drumming took the song to another level. From start to end, which is a different one, it is simply perfect.
Next track, “Firi na” is another piece leaning heavily on lyrics and Prajna made the best out of it. A soft tone with an amazing guitar solos at mid and end. Feeling lonely? Let Prajna take care of you with this!
And undoubtedly, the best track of the album, “Ostitter Ohonkaar”, with a different type of intro and a kill-switch guitar entry to the song will make you shiver in anticipation. Ashique’s vocal capability pierces the sky here! The song changes its course keeping up with the lyrics. A nice lying-low-happily tune totally visualizes the song. And then,  adrenaline pumping guitar backed up with superb bass-drum combination, lead by Ashique take another dive just when you expect them to give it a rest and they return with an ending only perfect for this song. Charismatic stuff from them. Anyone would be proud to call it their own numbers.
Prajna had provided the variety Crematic-X is known for, throughout the album and “Kromosho Amatei” is the best of all his efforts. Swagota’s sweet vocal contribution at the intro was just what one could ask for. And Prajna, if he carries on like this, he can triumph over all those girlish romantic singers of our country. Amazing key tones and great tempo at drumming will confirm its entry to anyone’s all time romantic songs’ playlist.
I was taken aback a bit as I heard Mishu covering “It’s My Life”, paying tribute to Bon Jovi, as I could hear several unexpected noises at 33 and 42 seconds. Even though, excellent work with violin and keys with time to time drums and guitar combination, enabled them to produce their own version of the song. Apart from only two songs, the absence of Mishu as a vocal throughout the album, is somewhat of a disappointment.
“Ghrinar Opokotha” had been in my mobile ever since I had heard the un-mastered version. A speedy guitar solo intro marked with again, and I will never get tired of saying it, amazing screaming vocal performance by Ashique. The chorus part along with a backup voice is just superb. Rifat and Prajna guitar duo powered with bass-drum force was a perfect one. It will leave you craving more drums solo.
At last, came the title track, “Ronangoner Daakticket”, which was radio released before the Independence Day. Khaled Khan’s amazing recitation of a freedom fighter’s letter is known for bringing tears to the audience. Armored with amazing guitars, three vocals- Ashique, Prajna and Mishu flawlessly delivered the patriotic feeling. The amazing addition of “Jonmo amar dhonno holo” guitar solo is bound to make your hairs stand up in excitement. We, the Bangladeshis are too emotional and take pride in being so.
The album overall is an excellent addition for any rock and thrash music lover. The only cons I have found is with the sound of the vocals and drums. It was too low to my taste and increasing them would have given the listener a much thrashing and rocking experience. Everyone will just love Ashique screaming at their ears at top volume. But, which was not to be.Otherwise, I think Crematic-X should be proud of with what they have done. And the listeners are bound to be left striving for more of them.
Happy listening and stop music piracy.



2 thoughts on “Crematic-X : Ronangoner Daakticket Review

  1. rownak

    great briefing of the whole album….liked the album with its exceptional approach n qualitative music compo n singing….rock u guys.. \m/


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